Why Choose GreenScaping Inc.?

Restore Your Trees – Restore Your Privacy
Whether you need to replace lost trees or add native species to a new landscape,
GreenScaping, Inc., professional Winter Park, CO landscaping contractors is the first choice in landscape providers.

We understand there are a number of landscape companies in the area to consider. Unlike some companies, GreenScaping Inc. is responsive and provides same-day on-site proposals so you don’t have to wait to review your landscape proposal. The GreenScaping team is efficient and will design and typically complete your project one week from the start. Quality is equally important – that’s why GreenScaping only buys native species from a reputable Colorado wholesaler. When you select GreenScaping Inc’s professional landscaping contractors you save time, eliminate hassles, and will pay a fair price.

Focused On Restoration

Restoring what has been lost is the only way to move past the destruction of the pine beetle. GreenScaping Inc.’s landscaping contractors focus on planting only native species such as Blue Spruce, Aspen, Douglas Fir, Chokecherry, Columbine, Lupine, and Potentilla to add beauty and minimize risk of loss. Whether you’ve lost trees to the beetle or you haven’t begun any landscaping enhancements to your new home, GreenScaping is the right choice.

Select From A Broad Range Of Services

Choose from a wide selection of services focused on restoring
your view & restoring what the beetles have taken away:

  • • Berms increase your privacy and reduce noise
  • • Native tree, shrub, and flower plantings
  • • Outdoor entertainment areas including decks, fire pits, and BBQs so you can enjoy the outdoor living area of your home
  • • Retaining walls give depth to your land, change water drainage, and help with erosion control.
  • • Hydroseeding adds natural grasses and wild flowers and eliminates unnecessary mud
    and weeds while restoring natural beauty to your property
  • • Landscape features are environmentally good and are a cost-effective strategy that
    brings added value and unlimited enjoyment
  • • Installing drip irrigation ensures your trees and plants get the right amount of water they need, when they need it
  • • Incorporate concrete flatwork for walkways

The Process and Benefits of GreenScaping Inc.