A Streamlined Process

GreenScaping offers a streamlined process with your free consultation. During this site visit, GreenScaping will:

• Address specific needs and wants
• Specify quantities; discuss and recommend varieties of plants
• Layout plant, dirt, and rock locations
• Analyze erosion control areas
• Address any other issues that will play into the successful implementation of the landscape plan

Benefits of Using GreenScaping, Inc.

When you hire GreenScaping, Inc. for your landscaping needs, our streamlined process will benefit you in many ways:

• By restoring what the pine beetle has destroyed your land value will appreciate.
• You will gain privacy; you might be seeing roads and neighbors but keep in mind, neighbors may also be seeing you!
• We’ll do all the planning, planting, and dirty work—you can go on vacation or go about your daily lives—it’s that easy.
• You will save time because we get the job done quickly.
• You will save money because we believe in pricing fairly and buy direct from wholesalers.
• You will get fresh and healthy products so your investment will last.
• By adding a berm you can reduce noise and increase your privacy.
• We recommend planting species such as Blue Spruce, Aspen, Douglas Fir, Chokecherry, Columbine, Lupine, and Potentilla to add beauty and minimize risk of loss.
• Add an outdoor entertainment area or deck for hours of relaxation and enjoyment.
• Add a retaining wall to give depth to your land, change water drainage, or for erosion control.
• By adding living plants and trees to your property, you are reducing your carbon footprint.
• With hydroseeding, you will add natural grasses and flowers and eliminate unnecessary mud and weeds while restoring natural beauty to your property.
• Using mulch and gravel to your landscape helps retain proper moisture and reduce erosion.
• Landscape features are environmentally good and are a cost-effective strategy that brings added value and unlimited enjoyment.
• Installing drip irrigation to your property to ensure your trees and plants get the right amount of water they need, when they need it; this also saves you time, money, watering hassles, and keeps your investment alive when you can’t be there to water